Glossary of Terms

HOPPERWindow designed specifically with the handle to the inside and top. The most traditional form of a basement window. The advantage of a hopper in basement window applications is that it provides maximum ventilation and protection against the elements even when opened.
DOUBLE SLIDERA window unit in which both sash operate and are fully removeable. Not originally designed as a basement unit but the sizes have evolved to meet basement requirements. Lacks sloped sill and must use weep holes for water drainage. A favorite among remodelers since the ceiling can be dropped without adversely affecting the operation of the unit.
LOW E GLASSA coating applied to glass to increase the insulating value of the overall unit and decreases UV penetration.
INSULATED GLASSThe process of sealing two pieces of glass together and creating a specific airspace to provide insulating value to the glass unit. Overall glass thickness varies. Non-insulated glass has no R-Value.
R-VALUEIs insulating value, hot or cold transmission, of a unit. It has become the standard for measuring the performance of a window. Please remember, it is not the only tool to measure the performance of a window.
SASH BLOCK FINSThese are the pre-extruded fins along the side of the frame of the basement windows for new construction application in cement block. They can be removed for replacement application.
HEADERRefers to the top of the window mainframe.
JAMBSRefers to left and right side of the window mainframe.
SILLRefers to the bottom of the window mainframe.
SASHRefers to the operable panel that houses the glass and sits within the mainframe.
ROUGH OPENINGThe opening required to install the window unit. Varies upon application.
TIP-TO-TIPActual window measurement excluding fins.
MORTAR WASHThe use of mortar mix to slope and fill the void between the sill and the block that is found in the most common cement block applications.
TRUE SLOPED SILLAn angle in the sill of the extrusion that provides natural drainage for the basement unit. Standard in all Duo-Corp. Hoppers.
WEATHERSTRIPPINGCan be found in various forms. Fin-seal, woolpile, and bulb-seal are all examples. This is what seals the sash to the mainframe.
EGRESSA opening required by code for fireman entry and occupant escape. Varies by area with regards to requirements. ALWAYS CHECK LOCAL CODES.

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